Know Your Assets

Your distribution, optimised finances.

Our advanced APIs connect seamlessly with strategic partners to provide you with a holistic view of your customers' finances.

How it Works

Consent Request
The internet company requests for consent from users to seamlessly share their personal financial data.
Advanced APIs
Our advanced APIs connect with a wide range of strategic partners and depositaries to swiftly share the data with complete customer journey.
Access to Financial Information
The company accesses a holistic view of the verified personal financial information of all their users through an intuitive lender's portal linked to our APIs.


Streamlined Asset Access
Enable your customers to access their holdings across over 10 asset classes through extensive repositories, and offer them embedded financial solutions
Accurate Net Worth Evaluation
Get the most accurate picture of your customer's net worth with Finsire's precise valuation of their digitally accessible assets and liabilities
Zero Setup Cost
Our 'Know your Assets’ module incurs no setup fee; you're only charged for the APIs accessed per pull at rates determined by our strategic partners.
Elevated Business Strategy
Harness user financial data to drive highly targeted marketing campaigns and product recommendations, ultimately boosting sales and customer satisfaction
Enhanced Credit Scoring for All
Empower individuals and businesses with advanced financial analysis of Finsire's streamlined data for precise risk assessment and credit scoring
Enhanced UX
Customise the view for a unique web or mobile user experience that meets your company’s needs.
Know your Assets - Identification, Verification & Total assets holding information
Integration with allfetchable asset classes
No Finsire set-up fee
Finscore: more accurate than traditional credit scores
Free intuitive dashboard to access info of your customers
Individual integration with each repository
Technology Service provider charges
No asset-enabled credit score
Dashboard needs to be built in-house

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