For Lenders

Empowering Lenders with a Digital Asset Infrastructure

By building mega data repositories, we enable the 4th layer of the India Stack and cater to banks and NBFCs looking to change their lending game

Our Products

Asset gateway
Enable your customers to access, validate, and share information about their assets across 10+ classes with ease.
Empower your customers toeasily pledge & collateralise theirpreferred holdings across a variety of asset classes.
Artificial Intelligence
Transform user data into actionable insights through AI-powered advanced analytics and intelligent recommendation models.
asset classes
Provides all-in-one stackfor over 10 asset classes
Individual asset integration
Technology Integration charges
Completely FREE
Minimum INR 8 Lakhs
Depositary integration Charges
Costs reduced by 50%
Total costs INR 10 Lakhs
3-5 weeks to go live
Can take upto 7 monthsto go live
service provider
Multiple depositaries and backend providers
Individual depositary integration required
customer service
Turnaround within the same working day for both technology support and customer support
Turnaround time for technology and customer support might vary
Customizable APIs and seamless scalability
Existing depositary APIs
finsire advantages
Unlimited rollover of unused API hits
Includes all-in-one stack
Physical assets stack
No rollover of unused APIhits
Minimum monthly billing
No physical assets stack