Loan against assets with digital lien marking solution

Provide secured and semi-secured lending for your customers with embedded collateral management systems.

Digital Lien Mark, Revoke, Invoke, and integrations with LMS, LOS and Finsire Portals

Loan against Mutual Funds
Loan against Securities
Credit is open for usage by entities that fall under the regulatory oversight of RBI.


Integrations with LOS and LMS Systems
Integrate with your existing credit systems to have a seamless journey.
Enhanced risk assessment and management
Leverage multi-asset secured and semi-secured lending for your customers
Efficient Collateral Management
Seamlessly manage and monitor pledged assets
through our intuitive digital portal.
Secured credit line
Build secured credit lines with multiple credit instruments
Personalised Loan Structuring
Tailor loan structures to individual borrowers' unique asset profiles, providing more attractive and flexible lending options.
Ready to host the data in your server, and all the data held by your company.Host all your company data in your servers, ensuring utmost security.
Credit module
Pledgeability & secured credit for 6+ assets
Multi-asset pledging
Creation of multi-layer distribution on single lender stack
No Finsire set-up fee
Free intuitive dashboard to access info of your customers
Integrate with 10+ stakeholders separately
Single-class pledging only
Single lender distribution
Hefty set-up fee
No digital pledging for all assets

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