Artificial Intelligence

Intelligent models on your user data

We don't just provide data; we empower you with actionable insights. The AI Module builds your recommendation and predictive systems for you and your users.

Discover Our Suite of Featured APIs

Personalised Financial Wellness Assistant
Offer tailored guidance to optimise your customer’s financial portfolio for their unique goals, from rebalancing investments for diversified portfolios to tax-efficient strategies
Retire Ready AI
Help your customers secure an early and comfortable retirement with our holistic approach, encompassing goal setting, personalised contribution recommendations, and scenario simulations for a worry-free future
Guardian Shield
Empower financial institutions with real-time fraud detection and prevention, delivering substantial cost savings and enhanced security by monitoring customer accounts for suspicious activities.
Loan Guard Pro
Empower financial institutions with AI-driven predictive analytics, assessing customer financial portfolios and behaviour to proactively reduce credit risk and enhance lending practices.
Finsight Connect
Create a marketplace for financial services, connecting users with personalised financial advisors, investment managers, and insurance providers who share their financial goals
Policy Making with AI
Evaluate the policy’s economic impact for informed decisionmaking with our comprehensive financial and data insights.

Discover Our Suite of Featured APIs


Identification of net worth of all asset holding patterns based on both digital and physical assets linked to a single or multiple unique identities.

Asset Investments

Dynamic widget presenting sector returns, year-wise asset performance, actionable insights, and user investment profile.

Age and Institutions

Concise widget detailing asset classes with linked institutions and tenure of asset holdings, offering insights into asset age and institutional associations. Efficiently tracks institutional relationships.

Tax Analysis

8 crore+ Indians to file taxes directly, with one click on our Tax module built up with the knowledge of your assets.

Social Profile

Dynamic widget showcasing user's social media, premium services, and professional platform connections, alongside email and mobile associations. Efficiently centralizes online presence and contact details.

Asset Analyzer

Analyse the assets holding patterns beyond the AA data for digital and physical assets.

*we provide this as an API

Asset Modifier

Helps you modify the asset information, including bank accounts, KYC, name, phone numbers and other fields.

*we provide this as an API

Credit Secure

Provides the collateral value of various assets with LTV, risk parameters, and tenure of the loans.

Analytics for Informed Decisions: Unveiling Actionable Insights

LTV Calculator
Redefine risk assessment supported by real-time valuations of pledged assets backed by technical and fundamental analytics
Spend Analytics
Understand your customers to help them optimise budgets, identify cost-saving opportunities, and drive smarter financial strategies
Saving Analytics
Empower customers to achieve financial goals by optimising their saving potential with personalised advice and tailored solutions

Intelligent Recommendation Models: Let AI guide your way

Investment Prediction System
Predict market trends, recommend strategic investments, and enable informed choices for your customer’s financial growth
Pledge Recommendation System
Analyse diverse assets to offer personalised recommendations on collateral selection, ensuring optimal loan terms and improved risk management
Artificial Intelligence is open for usage by entities that fall under the regulatory oversight of RBI, SEBI, IRDAI, and PFRDA.


Deep Intelligence Insights
Given the individuals or business savings and spending insights, we provide you the most accurate insight.
Build your Data Team
Build your own data team with the expertise of our specialist partnerships, enabling customised data insights tailored to your specific requirements.
Net Worth Evaluation
Our tech expertly computes the value of all digitally fetchable assets & liabilities of the users, presenting you with their most accurate net worth.
Portfolio analysis
Elevate your business strategies by tapping into user behavior insights through our simple and powerful portfolio analysis service.
Customised data models
Unlock the power of tailored data models designed to provide precise and actionable insights into your unique business needs.
AI module
Asset-based AI
In-house ready to use data access
Customised predictive analytics model
Customised recommendation model
Train your own data team with data held on your own company servers
Limited data & repository access
Requires external technology support
Limited predictive capabilities
Basic recommendation functionalities
Dependent on external support
Data supported on TSP’s cloud

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