Artificial Intelligence

Maximise the Power of your Data

Optimise lending with AI-powered actionable insights to enhance risk management, portfolio performance, and customer experiences

Analytics for Informed Decisions: Unveiling Actionable Insights

LTV Calculator
Redefine risk assessment supported by real-time valuations of pledged assets backed by technical and fundamental analytics
Spend Analytics
Understand your customers to help them optimise budgets, identify cost-saving opportunities, and drive smarter financial strategies
Saving Analytics
Empower customers to achieve financial goals by optimising their saving potential with personalised advice and tailored solutions

Intelligent Recommendation Models: Let AI guide your way

Investment Prediction System
Predict market trends, recommend strategic investments, and enable informed choices for your customer’s financial growth
Pledge Recommendation System
Analyse diverse assets to offer personalised recommendations on collateral selection, ensuring optimal loan terms and improved risk management


Build your Data Team
Build your own data team with the expertise of our specialist partnerships, enabling customised data insights tailored to your specific requirements.
Ready to host the data in your server, and all the data held by your company.Host all your company data in your servers, ensuring utmost security.
Zero Setup Cost
No integration costs charged by Finsire for the repositary integration, just pay per usage.
Integration with Asset Classes
Ability to have multiple asset classes in one stack to enable better intelligence.
Deep Intelligence Insights
Given the individuals or business savings and spending insights, we provide you the most accurate insight.
AI module
Asset-based AI
In-house ready to use data access
Customised predictive analytics model
Customised recommendation model
Train your own data team with data held on your own company servers
Limited data & repository access
Requires external technology support
Limited predictive capabilities
Basic recommendation functionalities
Dependent on external support
Data supported on TSP’s cloud

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Know your Assets
Boost lending with seamless access to verified and integrated customer financial data
Transform your secured lending with access to diverse collateral types and unsecured lending through data-driven risk management.